NYSF Comments on Addendum VI to the Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan

The New York Sportfishing Federation would like to give our comments on Addendum VI to the Striped Bass Fishery Management Plan. Established in 1981, New York Sportfishing Federation is a not-for-profit organization recognized as the voice of the recreational fishing community in New York State. Through the dedicated efforts of our volunteers, the Federation works to unite the varied interests of New York’s recreational fishing community, bringing together the views and concerns of all recreational users and business owners throughout the marine district.  Members of the New York Sportfishing Federation are dedicated to preserving the marine habitat and maintaining the bio-diversity of our marine resources through sound management practices, regulations, laws, promoting Sportfishing, educating youngsters on stewardship, and education through public awareness.

     We have reviewed the draft Addendum and have the following comments and opinions. We believe that reducing the mortality on released fish as well as reducing harvest on the Striped Bass biomass is possible with the right management options.

     We support Option 2, an even 18% reduction across both the Recreational and Commercial sectors. We have had trouble deciding whether to support sub-option 2-A1, 1 @ 35”, or sub-option 2-A2, slot of 28-35”.  We believe that a minimum size as large as 35” will dramatically increase discard mortality as well as cause an unnecessary economic hardship on our for-hire sector.  We also have concerns that any slot limit will target and remove the few year classes of decent recruitment we have remaining, specifically the 2014 and 2015 year classes which are now beginning to reach a size that they will be entering the coastal fishery if they haven’t already. We believe that a Conservation Equivalency option can be used to find a compromise in the minimum size limit, season opening and season closure dates to meet the required 18% reduction.

     We also support Option 2B1, a 1 fish at 18” bag and size limit within the Chesapeake Bay system.  We believe that this option provides the most protection to the juvenile fish within the system and gives them a better chance of growing and being able to enter the coastal fishery.

     We support Option 3-2C when it comes to circle hook regulations. We do not believe that a regulation requiring mandatory circle hook use when using bait is truly enforceable considering most anglers will encounter other species that will take their baits while targeting Striped Bass. We do believe that supporting the promotion of circle hook use is a more viable option.


Capt. Joe Paradiso

President NYSF